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Shipping & Order Processing (COVID-19 update)

 **Shipping to a PO Box may extend delivery times. During COVID-19 please use a residential address**



We are in service and will be shipping orders! Please note, to keep our staff safe, we are practicing many safety measures. This can cause processing times to be extend, further than 3 business days. Delivery dates are not guaranteed, but we will try our best to accommodate (Late or early deliveries can occur). We highly recommend selecting Overnight (1 Business day) shipping and a delivery date if it must be delivered on that day, this is not a guaranteed delivery, but will have a higher chance. We appreciate your understanding. 


Order Processing (Separate from shipping method) -

Processing time for orders is between 1 - 3 days, Monday through Friday, excluding weekends and holidays. In other words, ALL orders are subject to processing time. For expedited service, orders may ship with a color closest to the one chosen. NOTE: Processing is separate from the shipping method time frame. 


Shipping / Tracking -                                                               

Once your order has been scanned by the shipping courier, you will receive an email confirmation with your tracking number! You may receive this 1 business day prior to delivery.



Selected Delivery Date | Valentines / Mother's Day Delivery (USA & Canada) -

A delivery date may be chosen in your cart before checking out. For Valentines / Mother's Day, a shipping option is in checkout. We do our absolute best to have your arrangement delivered on that day!


Kindly note, these dates are NOT guaranteed, as delays or an early delivery may occur. We highly recommend choosing a delivery date one or two days earlier to avoid delays, if you are able to. For international orders, delays may occur in customs. Note, we may ship earlier to avoid delays such as during COVID-19.


NOTE: If you MUST* have an order delivered on a certain day, we recommend purchasing overnight delivery & selecting a date in your cart. *This does not guarantee delivery, but has a higher chance.


Backorders or Preorders - 

This may be listed with a ship date only. Please note if your order is on backorder or preorder it will ship once it is restocked. The date provided is only an estimate and delays can occur, or restock can occur faster than expected.


**If shipping to a PO box delivery times may be extended** 

Are Saaya Roses Real?

YES! Saaya Roses are 100% real roses which are handpicked to be preserved and are some of the best in the world! 


The quality of our preserved roses is our highest priority. Whether you are an event planner, a florist, designer, or simply looking for a unique display of affection you (or that special someone) will be thrilled with the quality of our roses. 


Disclaimer - As these roses are preserved they DO NOT attract or harbor insects.

Do They Have A Scent?

Yes, all our arrangements except our clear case collection, have a natural rose scent. The actual roses will outlast their scent - so enjoy the scent while it lasts. 


Preserving a rose is a form of drying – but much more intricate! Once a rose is preserved, the result is completely different as the rose maintains a completely natural appearance and feel – just as if were just freshly-cut!


Saaya Roses are 100% Ecuadorian real roses. Our fresh roses are cut at their most radiant stage and then we go in and handpick the most perfect roses to preserve for our beautiful arrangements.


During the preservation process, the roses undergo a rehydration process and then are placed in a secret natural eco-friendly mixture which is gradually absorbed by the rose until it completely substitutes the sap. Once the process is complete, you have this beautiful rose with a completely natural appearance and feel.


The best part is, this unique preservation process works for 1 year to upto 3 years (with proper care).




Our roses are made to last for a year with proper care and maintenance. Kindly note, due to time and environmental conditions such as home heating, artificial lighting or sunlight, the roses can begin to fade sooner. With that being said, they can last for a year and even longer! 

Can i remove the roses from the box?

The roses cannot be removed from the box, as the box acts as the vase for the roses.


We will be releasing single stem roses which you can join our newsletter or follow us @SaayaRose on Instagram to be notified!

Product Care

How to maintain your arrangement


Taking care of Saaya Rose preserved flowers is simple and easy! To make the flowers last their entire lifespan please read following instructions. 


- Do not water your roses. Unlike regular (unpreserved) roses they do not require and in water will damage your arrangement.

- Avoid direct exposure to sunlight and strong lights.

- Ideal temperature to store your arrangement is: 15 to 20 degrees Celsius (60-70 degrees Fahrenheit) 

- Do not touch the roses. Due to the delicate preservation solution touching the roses may cause irreparable damage and shorten their lifespan.

- Keep in a dust free environment. If dust does collect please lightly remove the dust using a duster. 

- Do not place anything on top of the roses. The lid is intended to be placed on either the sides or the bottom of the box. Placing the lid on top may damage your roses.

- Do not remove the roses from their box. The roses are intended to be stored in their box as this will prolong the lifespan of the arrangement. Removing the roses may cause damage.

-Saaya Roses are real roses so please handle them delicately.


*Please note that the flowers are not edible and can stain. 


How long do the eternity roses last?


Our roses are made to last for a year with proper care and maintenance. With that being said, they can last for a year and even longer!

Rose Size, Color and More

What is the difference between our classic roses and baby roses?


Both of our rose sizes are exactly the same in terms of their quality. The difference lies solely between the sizes of the roses. Our classic roses are between 5cm to 6cm in width while our baby roses are between 3cm to 4cm in width.



As our roses are 100% real, the colors may vary and can be slightly lighter or darker than shown in photos.


Metallic Roses (Gold, Rose Gold and Silver) -

As our metallic roses are painted with their color, the non painted inner petals may show through as white. Please note, our metallics are prone to larger cracks or small chips than our classic roses due to its paint, as well as movement and time.


Cracks or chips in petals will not effect the life of the roses.

Address Change or Redelivery

Order has not processed: Contact us at and we may be able to change the recipient address.


Order has been processed or shipped: As for most orders we use FedEx, you will need to create an account with Fedex to change/update your address or reattempt delivery!


Arrangements are final sale and cannot be returned or exchanged – given that each rose arrangement is designed for a specific individual.


If you would like to cancel your order, please contact our processing department at immediately and a customer care specialist will do their best to assist you!


* Please note, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to cancel your order given that once your order enters our processing facility we are no longer able to make any changes.


Is there an issue with your arrangement upon arrival? Please contact with your order number, a photo of the arrangement and shipping box. These photos are required to best assist and prevent recurrences.

Contact Us

For all order inquiries and general information please contact our customer care team at:


Customer Service:


We at Saaya Rose are here to assist you with all order inquiries. Please allow up to 24 hours for us to respond to your inquiry. Include your order number if applicable!

What If My Roses Do Not Last?

It is really important that you carefully follow our care instructions in order to ensure the lifespan of your Saaya Rose arrangement. Given roses and hydrangeas are real and a natural product the life of them ranges depending on care and environmental factors. If you have any issues with your arrangement please email: